Write-For-Your-Life Mini-Sabbatical 

Double Trouble = Double the Writing Fun! 

The Vance Twins have combined forces to help you finish the memoir you've always wanted to write but never had time to start (or finish) because you've invested so much time for your family, your job, or running a business. 

The first step towards leaving a legacy for your family (or worldwide distribution if you wish) is a personalized writing mini-sabbatical in beautiful Washington State with the twins.  

Janine, a book doctor, condenses twenty-seven years of story development experience into one private session with you. Since tracking in 2016, she has edited almost 16 million words and was awarded the badge "Centenary Superhero." 

Jenette, a Reiki Master, attuned by the direct lineage of the founder, Dr. Mikao Usui, has worked in the health care field for twenty-seven years. She will interview you before the sabbatical to identify your needs to release the stress that comes with writing. 

You will receive compassionate care from the Vance Twins as they help you identify any sabotages that prevent you from sharing your story and develop your memoir so you can quickly see it in print.

After your goal interview and mini-sabbatical with the Vance Twins, you will receive a free personalized meditation script to release writer's block and a book cover worth more than $1000 designed based on your story.

Email Jenette@vancetwins.com for more information about the Reiki Retreats or the three-day mini-vacation. The Mini-Sabbaticals run Tuesday through Thursday.

*Other Opportunities: Once your book has been published, Janine can adapt your memoir into a feature-length screenplay. Reiki treatments or attunement upon request

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